Back In Action

Well its been awhile but I’m back for good. Took some time to focus on training and now I’m rolling I can blog again and hopefully inspire others along the way. I was doing a lot of crossfit because I love it, but as I was doing the metcons I noticed I was lacking and getting sloppy with my lifts. Lifting is fun but when done wrong it leads to injury and time off. No one who loves training as I do likes time off, and no one likes injury. I was not properly warmed up doing thrusters and I pulled something in my back. Only took 2 days to recover but thats when a light went off, I need to focus on the lifts. I went to a crossfit coach to get the basics down and took my wife along. She lifts and I wanted her to learn proper form as well. Once the basics were down I worked hard to practice but was still missing something. I decided to lay off the metcons and focus 100% of my energy on olympic lifting. I hired a lifting coach who only teaches lifting and its been a blast. I’ve PRd on every lift and my squats are stronger then ever, his way of teaching is not like the others. We reset after lifts and don’t worry about high reps. I started over and to be honest I feel more comfortable then ever. Its all about timing not strength and I never knew I could lift what I am lifting today.


I”M BACK!!!!!

Hello Hello.  Sooooooo sorry for being MIA But the important thing is I’m back……

I have subjects written down and I just and to put them on here.  Once again like before these are just my opinions….

Lets talk goals vs resolutions, for me its all about the goals.  Goals are short and long term where a resolution is a big  change which brings big responsibility and a lot of pressure.  I will always choose a goal over a resolution and i try to advise others to as well.  You can make many little goals and conquerer them over the year and its just more fun that way.  Right now is the time when gyms start clearing out from the “new years resolution” people and I believe thats due to pressure.  You skip a few days and you feel as if you failed so slowly you stop going and before you know it you never go back.  Now lets look at it from a goal stand point….. You say you want to lose 10 pounds in 4 months.  This way you can miss a few days yet still don’t feel the pressure of failure cause the time is spread out and is more reasonable and you can add goals as you move  along.  Thats just me though I find it more fun and challenging

Pictures worth a thousand words

You every see a picture of yourself and your jaw drops and you’re in disbelief that its even you?  Well that was me 2 years ago, I seen myself in the mirror every day and i still trained and was active.  No one ever said anything so I never thought anything.  It wasn’t until I seen a Christmas pic that was tagged to me online.  I took a double look and thought it was photoshopped but little did I know it wasn’t.  I had just gained weight and wasn’t even aware cause I don’t weigh myself.  After seeing that pic I wasn’t happy and was determined to lose the fat and get healthy and fit.  I was already a trainer and had a ton of knowledge, all I had to do was put it into action and look like a trainer.  I had a ton of motivation online and just needed a plan.  I had a goal in mind and a plan.  The goal was 170 lbs and the plan was CrossFit at home with running, I had one rest day a week and one cheat meal on the weekend.  I hit it hard and never stopped for a min, nothing stood in my way.  As of August last year I reached that goal of 170 lbs and went on a ME trip to Florida to relax and enjoy myself.  I never felt better in my life and for some reason once I got back from ME time I kind of lost my way.  Maybe I just pushed to hard, maybe I was over doing it and I just wanted to so much that I didn’t enjoy it.  Not really sure what happened but I found myself skipping workouts and having more cheat meals then I should have, either way it wasn’t fun anymore and i didn’t really want to do it.  After some time off and some weight gained I had new goals and was easing back into it and actually enjoying it again.  I started running with my niece Olivia who’s 8 and an athlete and together we decided to compete in races.  We kicked ass this 2013 year with many 5k races and without her I did a few mud obstacle races 7k spartan being my biggest milestone.  I was very pleased to break the 30 min mark on our 5k and Olivia getting down to 27 mins kicking my butt lol.  During this season an injury occurred with the tendon in my ankle  and it kind on sidelined me these last couple months.  Now I’m finding myself fighting not to fall into that rut i was in coming back from Florida.  My ankle feels better but my mind is keeping me from my training.  I know a lot of people go through this and I am only human.  I have a goal in a couple weeks and I’m trying to prepare for it.  to be honest I’ve had more rest days then training days in the last 2 weeks but I’m trying.  I have one last race this season, the Santa 5k race with Olivia.  She really wants to do it so I can’t say know.  I have 9 days to get back into the swing of things, I know I can still run a solid 5k but I want to feel good for it.  

Knowing yourself

This goes for turning your mind off until you’re ready for a workout. For me this needs to be done or I won’t train. If I think all day about a workout or run it mentally weakens me and I feel exhausted so I will just watch tv or go online. For me I have to not think anything until I’m their in the moment ready for action. If I choose to think all day about a workout I end up self talking myself out of it cause I’d rather be watching a movie. No matter how motivated I am for my goals, thinking will lead me down the wrong path every time. The key for me is I now know this about myself and can work hard every day to make that change and make that workout happen. Knowing yourself and your body is the most important thing. Knowing yourself can allow you to achieve so much more and make those goals and dreams happen faster. That’s just me though



This is typical and it’s part of many reasons I don’t train at the gyms around here. People like this inspire me. Knowing they are trying to believe in themselves and make a difference inspires me to no end. Then you have those that make fun and bully. I see it and hear it all the time when people are out walking, running, riding and especially at the gym and it pisses me off. Did you know that one stupid comment can crush them and make them quit right there on the spot? Maybe you should think about that as you’re pointing and laughing. Everyone has feelings and some may not be able to bounce back from the criticism. Maybe next time you see someone like this you should tell them they inspire you and they’re doing a great job.



Today I have a question.  The question is this….. Selfless acts…. Do they need a thank you.  Can you do a selfless act and have no one thank you?  Or is the selfless act thank you enough?  I’ll be completely honest, for me I never need a thank you. EVER!! and thats the bottom line.  Often I do get a thank you but I don’t need it  Selfless acts bring the biggest and I mean biggest smile to my face and that my friends is gratitude at it finest.  I know people (negative people) that need to hear or read that thank you.  Knowing you took your time, money etc. to make a difference in someones life the enough thank you for me.  Just sayin 

New challenge

It’s official I have a new challenge.  It’s an old client of mine that I have been thinking of training again.  Any one who knows me knows I hate my time being wasted.  I trained him before when he was 250 lbs and with his hard work and my guidance he lost 40 pounds in 3 months.  Even though he wasn’t 100% on track he still did good.  He sometimes was cut for time and wasn’t prepared for meals so he’d hit up a fast food joint then come to train.  I wasn’t stupid and boy did I make him pay the price.  After he lost the weight he went on a 3 week trip to PEI and Nova Scotia.  Their he gained 20 pounds back by not staying focused and eating horrible.  Once back I tried to get him back on track but failed.  When he came to me to lose the weight again I wasn’t sure I wanted to waste that much energy and time BUT its what I do and I just couldn’t say no.  It’s been 2 years since he’s trained and he now weighs 280-285lbs  this is going to be my biggest challenge yet.  He’s big and strong and has the ability and body type to be a bodybuilder with low fat percentage.  I will be starting him off with the basics of functional training (the course i just took) then I will add ropes, kettle bells and a tons of plyos.  I will have him use his body weight for strength and plyos and ropes for cardio until he gets to a safe weight to add more advanced exercises..  I’m actually looking forward to this challenge , I just hope he’s ready and I hope he will stick to it this time.  I will do weekly weigh ins and monthly pics to see results, I will have him here at my gym for 3 days a week then the rest will be him on his own to do what I teach him.  Fingers crossed he does it to maximize his results.